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Fake Hair Learners


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Welcome to the fake hair learner community.
An extension to the fakehair community.

If you are in need of help, please have a look here first!! it will answer 99% of your questions.

I made this community to accomodate for all those people who want to showoff their test pieces, auction for cheap hair, ask for test pieces...and generally anything that you dont think is quite worthy of putting in fakehair, but still want to get tips on

*-+-* Rules *-+-* (the rules are much like those on fakehair community)

You MUST respect other people's feelings. If you feel a show off or post is not very good, keep it to yourself, or the better option, tell them, but tell them constructively. Don't make them want to run home crying

If you are posting something (pictures or otherwise) that may be offensive to other users, please put it behind a cut, and state why it is behind a cut. If you don't know how to LJ cut - tough, go and learn, there are instuctions on the help pages.

Hair pictures and show offs, should be hair pictures, not person pictures with a bit of hair in the background. If you want to post more impressive pictures, then put it in a cut. I like looking and nice photography, but lets not clogg up the board with them

General courtesy and manners mean a lot to people. play nice, or you WILL be punished.

The board is moderated by me, abz. feel free to contact me if you want to with any complaints, questions, suggestions.


Happy posting!